Cheaper MS-CHAPv2 Cracking Sep 24, 2012

At Defcon 20, David Hulton and I gave a talk on cracking MS-CHAPv2. We released a tool called chapcrack, and started offering a CloudCracker service backed by Pico Computing that would crack any MS-CHAPv2 handshake with a 100% success rate by exhausting the entire DES keyspace.

A Week Of Discounted Cracking

For this week (9/23/2012), we will be offering deeply discounted MS-CHAPv2 cracking jobs by reducing the price from $200 to $20. This means that any PPTP VPN connection or intercepted MS-CHAPv2 WPA Enterprise wireless credentials can be cracked and decrypted with a 100% success rate for only $20.

The one major caveat is that an influx of additional jobs might increase the pending queue depth and cause MS-CHAPv2 jobs to take slightly longer than ususal, but we'll see how it goes.

Updated chapcrack

We've received a number of helpful bug reports and feature submissions for chapcrack from the community, and chapcrack now supports a 'radius' command that can be used to build CloudCracker tokens from intercepted WPA2 Enterprise wireless credentials. To get started cracking MS-CHAPv2, simply follow the chapcrack instructions to build a CloudCracker token. Happy cracking!

Moxie Marlinspike, Sep 24, 2012